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*****What are doing now is trying to find a 10-12 passenger van for all of us to fit in for this 10 day trip. Which is creating a problem because rental is HUGELY expensive and plus they do not let you travel into Canada with it. And last year all 9 of us crammed in a 7 passenger van was a pain. Plus all of the kids have grown soo much over the last year, that would not even be feasible or comfortable for anyone!!

So if you know anyone who is willing to let us donate/let us borrow/use theirs for 10 days. We of course are in Georgia. But we could travel to get it if it's not tooo far from us. If you are a business, it could be seen as a great marketing tool because your van would be seen over the northern and eastern US. ((And me and Chwanda are both licensed drivers over 35 with no accidents.)) So if you know anyone or could get the word out for us. We have a less than a WEEK before we kick off this next leg!!*****

The #IDOMARATHON is the brainchild of Kacey Frierson and Chwanda Nixon

As a lesbian couple we cannot just go to any courthouse to get married , not even our own local courthouse here in Georgia, so we have decided to take a cross-county, cross-continent journey of love, commitment and equality to the  states that we can legally get married in!

 The #idomarathon was named one of the Biggest Same-Sex Weddings of 2013 by Rolling Out Magazine AND one of 21 Amazing Couples That Said "I Do" by Out Magazine!! #honored


The 2014 leg of the #idomarathon will be as follows:

#9-Monday April 21, 2014 @ 11am Trenton, New Jersey 
Mercer County Courthouse-640 S. Board Street, Trenton,

#10-Monday April 21, 2014 @ 4pm Providence, Rhode Island
Providence County Courthouse-25 Dorance Street, Providence
#11-Tuesday April 22, 2014 @ 9am Dover, Delaware
Kent County Courthouse-555 Bay Road, Dover 
#12-Wednesday April 23, 2014 @ 9am Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ontario
 Niagara Falls-4310 Queen Street, Toronto 
#13-Thursday April 24, 2014 @ 4pm Rochester, Minnesota
 Olmstead County Courthouse-151 4th Street, Rochester
#14-Friday April 25, 2014 @9am Dubuque, Iowa
Polk County Courthouse-111 Court Avenue, Suite 245, Des Moines
**Friday April 25, 2014 @9:45pm Funny Bone,West Des Moines Iowa performed by
 Academy Award winning comedian Mo'Nique**
560 S Prairie View Dr, West Des Moines, IA
#15-Saturday April 26, 2014 @6pm Northbrook, Illinois

2015-Hawaii, California, Washington, New Mexico plus...................

Donate funds only at


How do you get an Academy Award winning actress/comedian to perform a same-sex wedding ceremony for you??

JUST ASK!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

We are the COVER article for The GA Voice Wedding issue!!!

This is the statement we and our 7 children have made for marriage equality. We were married in (then) 8 of the 10 (NY, CT, ME, NH, VT, MA, MD AND DC) marriage states April 8-12, 2013.


These are the weddings we have had so far.................

Civil Union Saturday April 7, 2012 Waukegan, Illinois
 Blue- Sunday April 7, 2013 (Central Park) New York, New York 

Legal #1 Yellow-Monday April 8, 2013 Staten Island, New York
Legal #2 Yellow-Monday April 8, 2013 Stamford, Connecticut  

Legal #3 Red-Tuesday April 9, 2013 Kittery, Maine
Legal #4 Red-Tuesday April 9, 2013 Manchester, New Hampshire  
Legal #5 Orange-Wednesday April 10, 2013 Burlington, Vermont
Legal #6 Green-Thursday April 11, 2013 Auburn, Massachusetts
Legal #7 Purple-Friday April 12, 2013 Baltimore, Maryland
Legal #8 Purple-Friday April 12, 2013  Washington, DC.

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